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>> eric: that's it for us. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. >>s in a fox news alert. we are just learning an american pastor held in iran has been sentenced to 8 years in jail. pastor was arrested in september of last year by iranian officials for helping create christian home churches in iran in the early 2000s. his family in iran was not allowed to attend the court proceedings, but yesterday on fox & friends, they were hopeful that the family will get to see him soon. >> we haven't seen him
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physically. we are hope to be able to see him on monday. >> his wife said they have been getting mixed messages from the iranian government about whether or not her husband would be released. i am bream -- shannon bream. this group has been fighting, trying to help the pastor with this case. jordan, thanks for coming in. was the sentencing expected? how was this playing out? >> yesterday, we knew, we had got know a weird comment from a close family friend, the guy willing to put up the bail and it was denied, 20 times. it was a joke, but he kept trying to make that point. final he, the court told him, you do this again, we are going on raid your house and you will end up in prison and we will ruin your business. he goes to the court, their first day of business is saturday there, fully operational. yesterday, to get his documents back that he had put down to
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start the bail process -- he said, okay, i can't risk my family for this anymore. the court assistant, basically who, runs this, the administrator, the right-hand man of the hanging judge, tells him, bail's not important. his lawyer needs to come here tomorrow because we may just release him. we knew, the family friend knew it wasn't true. they never called the lawyer. if we hadn't put that information out, that lawyer would not have known to show up in the courtroom. when he walked in, sayad was reading a sentence and a conviction. >> 8 years. >> 8 years. >> what can you tell us about this prison? what tell mean for this pastor? we like to say, he's an american citizen. >> his wife's here. he is 32 years old. he has a daughter who is 6, a son who is 4 in idaho.
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he was in house arrest, first. he has not had any trouble. he has been to iran 9 times, stopped working with the house church, building an orphanage, was getting the government approval. he is not doing well. we asked for him to be moved to a better facility within the prison. people don't survive there. a blogger was arrested october 30, dead november 3. he never got a trial because he was beaten so badly. say ed, i think it's important that he wrote a very personal letter to his wife. he said in the letter -- it's a really troubling when you think about both what he says. first, that they pass out pain medications to the prisoners every day. they won't give that to him because the as near nurse at the hospital for the national security criminals, he is too ob clean, there is a caste system because he's a convert and a
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threat. he is not getting medical care. beaten, 8 years in an iranian jail is a death sentence. they don't let you out after 8 years. don't think about it in the western world. this is the beginning of the fight. this is want a court that operates on normal policy. if the ayatollah wants them to do something, they do it. they don't have a criminal procedure. he gets an appeal, but it's within the revolutionary court. >> we have reached out to the state department today. we are waiting for a response from them. we know there has been ahite hou pushed, we have pushed the state department because this is an american citizen to get more information. if we get any reaction, we will let our fox folks know about that. thank you for this case. >> another fox news ark letter. an astonishing death toll from a nightclub fire in brazil. right now, 245 people are dead in this horrific incident in the
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kiss club in the city of santa maria. it may have been from the band's pyrotechnics show. a security guard told the local paper, the club was at maximum capacity of 1- to 2,000 partygoers, pushing and shoving as they tried to escape one despite. that stampede injured at least 200 additional. a federal appeals court struck down president obama's recess appointment of 3 commissioners to the national relations board. one senator is publicly calling the federal commissioners to resign and the rulings they made to be invalidated. a republican from nebraska is here now. senator, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> what do you make of this ruling, basically saying, the three folks that the president
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appointmented to the board, it was unconstitutional, they were no good? >> it's the right ruling. the court of appeals looked at what the president did and said, look, youacked unconstitutionally. you can't declare when congress is going to be in recess, which is exactly what president obama tried to do. so they said, not only are the members unconstitutionally, but the action that they took is also illegal and unconstitutional. and they voided that. so the presidentee got a mess on his hands. these members who are still up there, there are two still up there, in my judgment, need to step down and step down now. >> are you calling on them now publicly to resign? >> i did on friday. i wrote them a letter and i wrote richard cordre, the consumer protection bureau.
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he was appointed in the same recess. i have said to all three of them, resign now. you are there illegally. >> all right, we had some researchers take a look. there were 218 decisions over the last year or so that involved one of these three folks at the federal appeals court that they have said, they weren't there legitimately. what happens to the decisions? will they have to be challenged by the businesses or unis that were impack the by them? what do you think should happen with those? >> i think there will be a challenge in dispoatle what you are going to endw up with here because there is precedent on this subject is, all actions taken are void. there isn't any question about it. and that would be true of the -- not only the national labor relations board and the consumer protection board bause cordrey's appointment is
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unconstitutional. on friday, i also wrote the gao -- or the government accountability office and said to them, do an investigation. identify all of the action taken and that action in my opinion is void because it was done by people who were there illegally. >> just to clarify for folks who are not as familiar with this, richard cordrey appointed, also as a recess appointment, not part of this case. but basically, done in the same way, at the same time, to head up that consumer bureau. so you are saying even though the court decision wasn't about him specifically, you think there is a good argument that he needs to go as well. >> based on this court opinion, it's obvious. you are absolutely right. he was appointed at the same time in the same way, during the same recess. and the ramifications for that consumer protection bureau are
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even worse because he is the one -- this was a part of dodd-frank, he was the one that brought this bureau up and gave it life and now it's pretty clear, under the ruling of the court that -- actions taken there, if he is there illegally, those actions are going to be likewise illegal. i am saying to all of them, step down, i am saying to the gao, identify what they did because that is void and it raises questions in my mind as to whether the pay and benefits that they have received was also illegal and so, that's probably going to be the next question asked. >> all right, senator, thank you very much for your time. we'll see if the supreme court resolve this is question now that there is a conflict out there. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> critics of the court's decision point to the fact that
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president george w. bush made 141 recess appointments under the same circumstances that the court said were unconstitutional in this case, the court recognizing that republican and democrat presidents have used this said it wasn't persuaded by that, but rather by the text of the constitution itself. now that the pentagon has lifted the ban on women in combat, oppons argue we could have problems with cohesion and combat readiness. it was a hot topic on the sunday morning shows. steve centanni has more. >> reporter: some say women are not strong enough for combat roles. others say they have proven themselves time and time again. it's official, women will be able to serve alongside men, opening up doors to advancement, along the military chain of command. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta signed that order last week. but many insist, this is a basic question of physical ability. >> i think the evidence is clear that combat effectiveness when
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women have put in those kine of demanding roles, they begin to break down. there is a difference in the physicality of women and men. they're not in the nfl. olympic athletes combeat by gender, not against each other. >> reporter: woeful have been serving in combat roles for years in iran iscprak afghanistan. and supporters say there have been no serious issues. nakts, some say women bring valuable qualities to the battlefield. >> the bottom line is, we need to treat people like individuals. awhat are the capables they brig to the fight, which includes physical strength, plus courage, plus aptitude, plus leadership and all the things we need to have the most effective fighting force. we set standards and allow people to compete as individuals. if they bring the better soldier to the fight, then women should be able to compete on equal
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grounds. >> reporter: for supporters, it is a question of equal rights. the military chiefs have until may 15 to raise their objections to the new policy. shannon. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. here for a fair and balanced debate, republican congressman and a democratic congresswoman. welcome to you both. >> thank you, good morning. >> congressman, where do you stand on this debate? >> well, i have for probably the last four or five years, put forth a bill saying there should be equality and opportunity for women in the military. we have seen over the last 11 years, women in both iraq and afghanistan. in many cases, there is no front line in these battles and they have proven themselves worthy of being there. they have been in combat. yet they haven't received the recognition for it. when you are a commander and you need to get a mission done, what we have seem in iran and --
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iscprak afghanistan, they have chosen the best soldier or marine they needed in whatever position they had. in some cases, that has been women. so they have the experience now and they are the ones that are saying, hey, you know, let me choose who i need in that unit to get the mission done. this will allow that. it's been happening fwhurk will allow that to be more open and more even. >> congressman, where are you? >> i agree with much what have has been said earlier and with miss sanchez, you know, this comes down to capability and about making sure our military is fully capable and is ready to fight the enemy. at the end of the day, that's what the military is for. in many cases, we do have many women on the front line, the lines are blurred, in a lot of cases. when you are driving down the road in afghanistan, you may all of a sudden fall on the front line. i think it's very important that we give -- all of our soldiers,
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men or women -- the ability and the tools to be able to fight the enemy. i guess what is surprising is that it's already happening in so many cases that why the president is bringing this forward and talking about it, rather than talking about a lot of the other important domestic issues is interesting and surprising. >> all right. while i have you -- a topic we want both of you to address. we have gotten word that president morsi is going to address the nation. this week, there has been controversy that we are sending f-16s over a deal made with then-president hosni mubarak in 2010. is that our best move? >> this is confusing in a lot of ways from what the president's agenda. what is the president's goal in the middle-east? what is the president's goal throughout the world with the fight on terrorism? i think there are so many mixed messages that it's hard to understand what is the strategy here? how are we going to control
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terrorism whether it's in afghanistan or the middle-east or in iran? so to be sending f-16s into the middle-east at this time, again sends a message, are we going to lead or lead from behind. >> congresswoman, if we cut off aid to egypt at this point, we are going on cut off an important rale relationship? >> this is not just about aid. this is about some very sophisticated military weapon systems in the hands a government at this particular point that we are not really sure how effective they are going to be. i mean... part of it is the congress's fault. it is not just the president, you know, following through on what was in place for egypt before. it's also the congress hasn't had -- we haven't sat down -- because we have been looking at domestic issues -- we haven't
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spoken to each other and discussed, what is really happening in egypt? how can we be more effective? is this the leader that we can work with? in some case, he has helped us. in other cases he has been lazees fair. it's a changing dynamic. we need tormore effective in also painting the picture of what our policies are because ultimately, sales of weapons and things can be stopped by the united states congress. i think we have to step back, it's important to do the domestic issue, but many of us in the congress have to, you know, work overtime, if that is the case, or double time and say what are our policies going to be with respect to egypt? how can we be more effective and insure that one of the largest populations that has been with the west on many issues, continues in this new form of government to still be with the
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west. it's also a responsibility, i would say to my colleagues. >> we know that you have a lot of issues on your plate, both of you, domestically and internationally. thank you bog for your time. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> as you just heard, some lawmakers say the u.s. shouldn't be were honoring the agreement because of morsi's mixed signals to the u.s. we want to know what you think. should the deal be scrapped? tweet us your answers. i will read some of your responses,ulary on in the show. a dangerous criminal breaks out of jail, but all he did was walk out the front door -- and it's not phs his first escape. details on the cross-country man hunt next. a new york woman disappeared traveling in turkey. we
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>> shannon: freezing rain are hurt being drivers across the country. we have severe weather in store for later this week.
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>> lots going on, including a warmup in the northeast. that's the good news. but freezing rain is a big story today in the central plaps, snow into northern minnesota and tomorrow, this storm transfers out across the east. we will be looking at bleesing and the appalachians and winter weather advisories, very close to washington, d.c. there and some snow in the higher elevations. it's a system that brought significant rain in parts of arizona and that has moved into the central and northern plains. but take a look at the pink, that's precipitation, freezing on contact, once it gets to the ground, causing very dangerous conditions across the roads here. as we move forward, the next 36 hours, we will continue to see that into chicago, looking at freezing overnight and intotroit turning into freezing precipitation. by the time we get throughout the day tomorrow, it spreads into the mid-atlantic and the northeast and an ice storm into
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washington, d.c. with snow moving into new york tea and new england, snow levels are not going to be extreme. want to move forward into tuesday, a big warmup in the central plains in the east. tell come at a price, with the threat for some pretty significant severe weather, could be looking at a severe weather outbreak tuesday and wednesday that could include significant tornadoes right here. >> thank you very much for the update. >> you bet. >> shannon: a strange disappearance a world away. a new york woman is missing, she disappeared while traveling alobe in turkey. her passport and medical cards left in her hotel room. >> reporter: hey there. the fbi and the local turkish police have joined the search for the 33-year-old wife and mother of two. she was last seen leaving her hostel for dinner on monday night and seems to have vanished with very few clues, regarding
9:25 am
her whereabouts, leaving behind her passport, clothing and phone chargers. she is a photographer and left her staten island home to take pictures in istanbul on january 7. she checked in frequently, texting family members and skyping with her two children, daily. her sister received a text message from her monday morning, but no one has heard from her since. she was planning to return tuesday, january 25, but missed home and decided to move her flight up to the 22nd. when her husband went to pick her up from the airport, she never showed. >> you know, have you so many thoughts going through your mind. you don't know what to think. you dont know what to believe. you dont know what to expect. you don't know what's going to come out of this. >> he is traveling to turkey tonight. the couple has been married 14 years. they have two children, both boys, ages 9 and 11. turkish police tell the family they remain optimistic about
9:26 am
finding sier assaying they have posted her picture around the area where she disappeared they are looking at local urgen care centers and precincts. this is the first time that sierra has gone oversea alone. michael grimm's office is working with turkish officials to get her back safe. >> reporter: >> shannon: thank you for that update. a map hunt is underway in michigan for rocky marquez who stapped a detroit jail last sunday, but no one noticed until five days later because he switched identities with another inmate who was scheduled for release and walked out of jail. and this is not marquez' first getaway, he escaped in an arizona jail the very same way last year. he is considered armed and dangerous. he is wanted for jail escape, as well as fraud, forgery and
9:27 am
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>> shannon: a nightclub fire in brazil leaves 200 dead and the death toll is climbing. we have more on what we know. >> reporter: the death toll stands at 232. a witness says the kiss club in the city of santa maria was at full capacity with people attending a college party. at least 200 people were injured in a stampede for the exit. witnesses say a flare or a fireworks lit by a band member may have started the fire. president obama will launch a push for immigration reform this
9:32 am
week. house speaker john boehner is voicing confidence that a deal can be reached, saying a bipartisan group of lawmakers may already have an agreement that we expect to hear about this week. an american pastor has been sentenced in iran to 8 years in prison, that comes from the america center for law & justice. he was charged with threatening national security by creating a network of christian house churches. ahead of the super bowl, president obama is weigh fwhg on the violence involved in football. president obama says, if he had a son, he would think long and hard before allowing him to play. in an interview with the new republic, the president talked about how the game will likely change over time and some of the changes might make football less exciting to watch, but will be better for the players. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. the pentagon's decision to allow women into combat on the front lines is raising questions about
9:33 am
what happens next. chris wallatas sat down with two veteran who is had very different points of view. a bold move by the pentagon, changing the roles of women in cam -- in combat. >> i think that people are jgy quite supportive. i don't think there is going to be a move in congress because the secretary of defense has the ability do this unilaterally, it would take new throgz block it. i don't think this is going to happen. there are some concerns. we had a fascinating debate today. i was really looking forward to it, between colonel martha mcsally, the first feneal male combat pilot in the u.s. military, 300 hours in combat in iraq and afghanistan, says it's about time. she debates the retired lieutenant general jerry boinkin, the head of u.s. special operations command and was one of the original delta force and he says that this is one more case, as with gays that
9:34 am
the pentagon is trying to turn the military into a social affair. he says, look, i understand and he values and supports colonel mcselly, he says it's one think this in an airplane and it's another thing when you are carrying a 70-pound backpack or you are on a specialerations raid and have you to spend 30 days a lot of people in very close and uncomfortable quarters. >> shannon: he talked about the fact and the colonel addressed this that there are personal hygiene issues and personal routine, in close quarters like that, male and female, he anticipates there would be uncomfortable moments. it would be a difficult thing to manage. >> yes tcertainly would be. colonel mcsally says, sign me up. >> shannon: yes. you talked about other things on the show deadtoday, including this decision by the nlrb and the d.c. circuit federal a aappeals court struck them down. >> but the senate and the house
9:35 am
said that the senate was not really in recess because they were having every three day this is pro forma session, where they gaff telein. maybe they pass something by unanimous concent. they were pro forma sessions. this was devised by the democrats back in 2007, to block recess appointments by george w. bush. he didn't challenge it. barack obama did, as president. that's why a businessman in washington state filed a lawsuit, saying this wasn't a recess appointment because the senate wasn't in recess and the court agreed with him. >> shannon: it is something presidents from both parties have done a long time, many times. we will see what the supreme court has to say itch the interesting thing is that the nlrb made 300 decisions with these supposedly invalid appointees, does all of that go out the window. >> shannon: panel will pend more time on those top bes and more. you can watch the whole interview with colonel martha
9:36 am
mcsally and jerry boinkin right here. a controversy over a vending machine, the morning-after pill to college students. the fda has weighed in. find out what the feds have to say. i'm a queen and i demand to be treated like one! that's what one congresswoman toll her staff. she is viewed as one of the toughest bosses on capitol hill. she is not the only one. unbelievable stories, including why the senator nominated to be the next defense secretary is called, "quote, the corn husker wears prada. ." it pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency.
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pregnancy tests. the plan "b" pill costs $25 and is available to all students and faculty. former senator chuck hagel, president obama's to be the next secretary of defense, is making the rounds on capitol hill as a number of lawmakers publicly express concerns about his record and statements on israel. joining us to talk about the nomination and more, the deputy speaker of the knesset. thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. it's my pleasure to be on your show. >> shannon: i want to ask you what the mood is, the reaction there is in israel to senator hagel's nomination? >> we do not interfere in the nomination of the american president. but we do care about the actions, what actually will be taking place in washington, what will be the policy regarding iran, will it be only to watch and look what's happening here?
9:42 am
or will we see actual leadership coming fwe expect to see actiong from washington. >> shannon: i want to ask but the election results there, important elections in israel this week. it seems to be a bit of a split in the knesset. what's your reaction? >> first, i say, prime minister netanyahu will continue to be the prime minister of israel. that's important. but it will not be easy. we need to form a coalition from different parties. it will not be easy to govern. we have to face major challenges, many the issue in iran and the instability in the region. but i am counting on prime minister netanyahu within a month will form a new government in israel. >> shannon: do you think it's possible to have conversations with iran, the international bodies that have engaged iran? do you think it's possible to make negotiations and sanctions at this point? >> i think it is too little, and it's too late. we need to speak with the
9:43 am
iranian with the language that they understand. they do not understand the language we speak in israel or the u.s. we need to tell them very clear, if you don't stop building the racketers, we will -- the reactors, we will attack. [inaudible] >> shannon: there has been talk this week about the fact that the united states made a 2010 deal with then president hosni mubarak of egypt to send a lot of our military hardware -- f-16s and abrams tanks to egypt. a number of folks in congress have raised questions about that. it is a different president now, president morsi there in egypt. there are concerns about how those weapons may be used. do you have any concern there? do you feel that -- confident that morsi -- with the assurances he has given to the u.s. that he is moving toward maintaining democracy there? >> absolutely. we look at the region.
9:44 am
we see the instability. we see what is happening in egypt, in syria. and we ask ourselves, why is the u.s. giving so much diploamacy and weapons to those countries? and nobody knows what will happen in the egypt in the near future. maybe you need to support egypt with food, with funds, but not the technology that will be used against the u.s. or against israel. i think when you lock at what is happening in cairo, the only democracy in the middle-east is israel, you cannot trust anyone in the region besides israel. >> shannon: the deputy speaker for knesset, we thank you for your time and your perspective. fox is concerned, "zero dark 30y" will play at a u.s. navy base that has been at the center of a heated debate over interrogation techniques -- guantanamo bay. the oscar-nominated movie will
9:45 am
be played for officers at gitmo and others. it will not play for detainees. a young girl's called a hero for saving her mother and herself of her brave story is next. and the latest on the american pastor sentenced to years in iranian prison because of his christian beliefs. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following right now. troubling news out of iran. a sentence in for an american pastor arrested there because of his christian faith. he was sentenced to 8 years in a notorious iranian prison charged with threatening national security. place say there was only one way out of the nightclub in southern brazil where a fire as killed at least 232 people early this morning. 200 more injured as they pushed and shoved trying to escape. witnesses say the pyrotechnics show may have started the blaze. a 9-year-old girl called a hero for grabbing the wheel and saving her mother's line. her mother went into diabetic shock while she was driving.
9:50 am
the girl grabbed the wheel and turned the car off just before it would have is slammed into a tree. good for her. former capitol hill staffers don't mind sharing horror stories but even when they don't go public with the first hand accounts the paper trail can tell us a lot of the story. luke dug in and joins us with a glimpse at the best and worsed congressional losses. luke, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: let's start out with worst. because nobody wants to end up on that list. we see that on our list, though, the man who is now up to be the defense secretary former senator chuck hagel landed a spot. why? >> number two among staff turnover in the senate. looked at staff retention rates. members of congress who can't keep people working for them in the congressional offices very long. the only senator ahead of mr. hagel was george allen of virginia. for whatever reason something was different about the way that chuck hagel ran his senate office than the way that the colleagues did. one of the interesting things
9:51 am
about the turnovers rates is it provides a hard number. as mr. hagel is seeking to be the head of defense department that has some 2 million service members it is a worthy line of questioning perhaps for the senators who are going to be confirming him about why he couldn't keep a staff of 50 running in 2005. 20 of the 50 staffers walked out the door, left for whatever reason. which is a lot of turnover and whether you are in the public or private sector you don't want to see a lot of turnover. >> shannon: george allen and chuck hagel on the top of the list. who is the hardest to work for in the house. >> sheila jackson-lee is a might mare. you hear the craziest stories. once threw a cell pope at a staffer's head. had a staffer's parent coming to visit from a small up to and cursed out the staffer in front of them. my favorite one is she was reportedly seen chasing h her scheduler down the house
9:52 am
hallway screaming you can't escape. >> shannon: i don't think any one wants to be chased by their boss screaming you can't escape. to be fair those are coming from people who used to work for her. but she does have that reputation on the hill. let's look at who is the best person to work for if you are applying for a job on the hill where do you want to work? >> the best member in either chamber was jim mcgovern, a massachusetts democrat in the house. used to be a staffer himself. that is how he got his start in politics. he remembers what it is like to be on the other end and know hes that staffers do a lot of the work in congress. no member can do it by himself and tends to run a low key office. asks that even interns call him by his first name. for whatever reason not sur are pleasingly, staffers like that and shows in the form of loyalty and he is able to build expertise. he is not having to constantly retrain people. treat the staff well and they stick around and your have
9:53 am
expertise. >> shannon: what about the senate? >> the best member of the senate is john thune. both had only one in ten staffers leave every year. compare that to sheila jackson-lee, consistently 54% of her staff walk out every single year. >> shannon: a tough job whether you have a good or bad boss. don't get paid huge bucks. basically working 24/7. want to make sure you have a good boss. folks can read more? >> look up any member of congress at washingtontypes .com/losses. >> shannon: good to see you. paul ryan is warning fellow republicans to "not play the villains in president obama's morality plays." >> it is the same trick every time. fight a strawman, avoid honest debate and win the argument by default. the way he tells it, it is the president and only the president who is trying to fix our bridges, to feed our children, to care for our
9:54 am
seniors, to clean our water. frankly, he must be exhausted. i know we are. >> shannon: in a speech to conservatives yesterday the former vice presidential candidate outlined his strategy for dealing with a second obama administration. he advised republicans to pick their battles, saying they would need to reject the president's proposals in some is cases but work to make them better in others. bad for the environment or good for job creation? the fate of the controversial keystone pipeline rests with the administration now. i will talk about that with a republican senator from idaho. plus, a reality show of a very different kind. >> women are petrified and ashamed and scared that their secret will come out. >> a new christian series follows five women struggling with grief and guilt. fox's lauren green tells us why, after the break. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices
9:55 am
of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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9:58 am
>> shannon: it is a first for reality television. a christian show that follows several women after their decision to have an abortion. lauren green has more. >> women are petrified and ashamed and scared that their secret will come out. >> but you here they will surrender the secret. it is the name of the first ever reality show about women in a bible study trying to recover from the built they
9:59 am
feel after having an abortion. a new offering to the ever increasing vitreal of the abortion debate as roe versus wade turns 40. each of the five women hope the christian message of redemption and forgiveness will help heal their wounds. a 10 episode series airing. >> i hope ultimately i would like to convince women to make a different choice. but make it fully informed and know there is going to be a consequence to it and a price that is paid and it's huge. >> the show is the creation of producer cecil stokes. >> i just realized there were so many women who were living with a secret and felt very alone and that no one had been through it even though statistics tell differently. >> according to a think tank, nearly half of all pregnantlies among american women are
10:00 am
unintended. the women hope by telling territory to the world it will bring a different kind of understanding to a very difficult issue. >> it is not something you would wear as a damage. it is not like saying hey, i used to smoke when i was a jane delaine any is the only one in the group who never later had children, a conscious decision. >> it was like a self-preservation kind of thing because i felt i didn't deserve happiness and didn't deserve to have any more children. and all that changed when i went through the first bible study. >> the producers hope to repeat the project in another city next season. in charlotte, north carolina, lauren green, fox news. >> shannon: a night of dancing and fun turns into a scene of unimaginable horror in brazil. hundreds of people were packed into a nightclub in the university town of santa maria when a fire broke out sending the terrified partyers racing for the one exit that was available. right now, 232 people confirmed
10:01 am
dead. hundreds more injured. i'm shannon bream in washington. joining me now live on the phone from brazil, grn reporter andrew downy. what is the latest? >> well, as you said the number of death -- the death toll is 232. there are more than 100 people who are in hospitals. the focus now s moving on to safety and security issues. people are questioning whether the club had done all it could to ensure the safety of the patrons. as you you said there was only one emergency exit and people are asking was the exit big enough for everyone to get out and did the club have all of the necessary security and fire certificates. police are already interviewing is survivors and they will expect to talk to the club's owners and managers perhaps as early as this afternoon in an effort to get answers to the questions. >> shannon: there has been speculation there was a pyrotechnics show that was going on by the band that was playing there. have you you heard anything about that or any other possible causes for the fire? >> that seems to be the main
10:02 am
cause right now. we heard survivors saying that the band had some sort of flares and we have seen footage of the band playing before when they did have what were eceptionly flares, big sort of sparklers that would spark into the air. people who were in the club at the time said that they believe the sparks hit the acoustic form on the roof which was combustible and that set off the fire and it spread quickly and that form is toxic and most of the people that died died from asphyxiation from the smoke. >> shannon: the pictures tell so much of the story there. people look desperate trying to escape. andrew downey thank you for giving us a live account from brazil this morning. an american pastor being held in iran has been sentenced to eight years in prison. he has been in iranian prison since september. he was there in iran working on an orphanage.
10:03 am
i spoke with jordan seculow. the group has been trying to help the pastor and his wife with the case. here is some of the interview. >> he has a daughter who s six and a son who is four. they are in idaho. they haven't seen their dad since july. he was under house arrest first. he has not the had any trouble. he has been to iran nine times. building the orphanage. was getting the government approval. he is not doing well. we had asked and the attorney asked for him to be moved to a better are facility within the prison. people don't survive there. a blogger was arrested october 30, he was dead november 3. he never even got a trial or a conviction because he was beaten so badly. said had written this personal letter and he said in the letter it is a really troubling when you think about both what he says. first, that they pass out pain medication to all of the prisoners there every day.
10:04 am
second, they won't even give that to him because the nurse at the hospital for the national security criminals he is too unclean. it is like a cash system because he is a convert and now he is a threat. so he is not even getting medical care. been beaten. 8 years in iranian jail is basically a death sentence. we know lots of case there's. they don't ever let you out after eight years. it is not the same thing. don't think about the u.s. or western world. and this is the beginning of the fight, though. this is not a court that operates on like normal policy. if the ayatollah wants them to do something they do it. he does get an appeal but an appeal within the revolutionary court no the to a separate court system. >> shannon: the pastor's wife issued a statement i am devastated for my husband and my family. we must not stop until saeed s safely on american soil. as soon as we learn more about
10:05 am
the case we will keep you updated and let you know whether the family is able to make any contact with him as well. a new york woman is missing in turkey. the family of the 33-year-old says she disappeared while traveling alone in that country. the mother of two was supposed to arrive home on january 21 but never made it. her past port and medical cards were still in her hotel room. new york congressman michael grimm says his office is working with officials in the u.s. and in tannable to find her and try to get her home. >> i do not believe that military style weapons belong on the streets of our cities. and i would hope the american people would it continue to support that, rise up, talk to senators, talk to house members. individual americans, please help. we got this done once before. we can get it done again and a better bill. >> shannon: california democratic senator dianne feinstein asking americans to put pressure on congress to
10:06 am
pass her assault weapons bill. it may face stiff opposition from progun republicans in the house and probably democrats too. just the latest battle in the gun control debate. joining us fox news digital politics editor and host of power play on fox news .com, chris stirewalt. thanks for coming in. >> you have to know that because that s when you fill in for me. >> just a chance to warm momentarily your seat. thanks for coming in today. we appreciate it. >> of course. >> shannon: let's talk about the bill. it will take democrats and republicans to get this done. people who are long time gun rights advocates both sides of the aisle. joe mansion and the senator from alaska said he is not going to support this. what are the odds it actually gets passed? >> dial back to what everything is going to be in washington for the next two years. unless president obama can get his initiatives through you the democratically controlled senate what he wants the house to do doesn't matter. you keep hearing john boehner
10:07 am
talk about he wants to destroy us. the president made it clear he has it out for the republicans. until can he get stuff through the senate he can't get it done and the truth it about legislation like this which is sort of a beefed up version of the '94 legislation, this is not something that democrats -- that progun democrats think is okay and the greater concern that they have is that it wouldn't have been preventative to the mash shooting in newtown, connecticut. nor would it prevent future mass shootings. so it is a very open question that the president can define to pressure those folks. >> shannon: interesting during the press conference that senator feinstein had and people who were victims of crimes and police chiefs and number of people gathered it was an impressive group but they did repeatedly say during the press conference some of them if this bill had been in place the children in newtown might still be alive which a lot of people found offensive and untrue. because i talked with a lot of gun rights advocates and folks in the middle of the road who said the shooter broke so many
10:08 am
laws that are already on the books to carry out what happened, we need better enforcement of what we have now versus a whole new set of laws. >> the aim and we see this chicago mayor rahm emanuel the former white house chief of staff is trying to pressure banks into stop lending to gun manufacturers to armsmakers. and we will see other similar measures like this. remember, for the left it is a very important that gun control not just it is a relates to mass shootings but just the availability of guns. they see this as an evil industry in the united states. people ma make guns, use guns, buy guns all that stuff. we are are back to the the two america. one america that is comfortable where guns are part of life and people are comfortable with them around and other people they are frightening and foreign objects. >> shannon: let's talk about the hurdle you brought up the democratic senate. harry reid controls most of what comes to the floor and what doesn't. he has been under a lot of pressure to put something like this on the floor.
10:09 am
initially seemed resistant and now seems to be saying if we do put a gun measure to a vote in the senate i will have a free and liberal process for amendments which he is not really so keen on most of the time. >> thatle make the bill impossible to pass. >> shannon: strip out. >> poison pill amendments and things like that. harry reid thinks about this every morning when gets up. you mentioned mark in alaska and mary landrieu in laz and mark pryor in arkansas and other democrats from around the country that face electorates that are prosecond amendment and he does not want to force them into these kinds of votes. sounds like he will slow walk this thing and see what happens. you mentioned joe mansion earlier he and republican senator mark kirk from illinois have a compromise piece of legislation that says we can't get a gun ban through but expand background checks to a way that works that is a sensible system and everybody is sharing information. they are working with the nra on it. that is one possibility of
10:10 am
something that could actually pass. >> shannon: you bring up background checks. concern about those supportive of gun rights how far it goes. they say if your grand daddy gives you his shotgun for christmas that he used on his first deer hunting trip is that subject to a background check. sounds like those kinds of transactions would be subject to a background check. >> i did not get a shotgun until i was 11. >> shannon: that is late in. >> that is late in west virginia. the question that kirk and mansion and the nra are talking about is isn't universality of the background checks but of the background checks that take place, how good are they? are the databases merged up and are people that have mental illness, these are not crimes of passion, these are sick individuals. so the goal is how do you keep guns out of the hands of sick individuals. these are not crimes of passion and street corner crime. this is premeditated and done by a crazy person. >> shannon: and mental illness
10:11 am
doesn't show up on a background check done for criminal proceedings. i think you would have passed either background check at 11. thanks. great to see you. >> shannon: north korea continues to defy the u.n. as the leader orders "high profill important state measures." he reportedly made the statements to top security and foreign affairs official. the vow implies north korea plans to move forward with a speculated nuclear test. the u.n. security council condemned the december missile launch and imposed more sanctions. concerns in egypt today that mass funerals to erupt into more rioting. dozens of people were killed during violent protests that broke out after a controversial court verdict. a judge sentenced 21 people to death for a deadly soccer riot last year. this weekend also marks two years since the arab spring uprising that led to the overthrow of former president hosni mubarak. four f-16 fighter jets sent to
10:12 am
egypt. the jets were part of a 2010 deal with former egyptian president mubarak. some lawmakers sea the agreement shouldn't be honored because of morisy's mixed dealings with the u.s. this week, lawmakers questioned secretary of state hillary clinton about the deadly attacks in benghazi. clinton will soon step down from her position and many senators believe she leaves scores of unanswered questions in her wake. i spoke with a republican senator who questioned the secretary at this week's hearing. >> shannon: you had a busy week. chiefly the benghazi hearings with secretary of state hillary clinton. you asked her specifically about the where did abouts of one of the prime suspects. were you satisfied with your answer? what did you hear from her? >> i wasn't satisfied because i didn't get complete answer. the reporting that we are
10:13 am
getting from sol relatively accurate source sources is thaa number of people that were involved in the benghazi attack were also involved in this most recent attack in algers. and so she was unable to either confirm or deny that. we are going to keep digging until we get to the bottom of that. we are also very concerned about the one person who was arrested in conjunction with the benghazi attack. he was arrested in tunisia and was led go by the tunisian government and they were grey on that. that should never have happened either. that person should be in custody. what this comes down to is the president has said that the al-qaeda has been decimated. this decimated group continues to kill americans in benghazi and algers and elsewhere and we are going to have to be tougher. >> shannon: i want to ask you as well about something the secretary said during her testimony this week.
10:14 am
she was pushed about the various explanations that the american people were given up front about whether this is something that stemmed from a video or a protest or whether it was a coordinated attack and at one point said something to the effect what difference does it make how it started, we have four dead americans that is the bottom line. do you, does it make a difference about how this started and what we know about that? >> it makes a tremendous amount of difference. not -- she is correct in that there are four americans that are dead. how that happened is critically important. not the least of which is to the families who deserve answers but secondly if we are going to take steps to see it see that this never happens again how can you take those steps if you don't know how it happened and you don't know what motivated it and you don't know what the steps were leading up to it. so with all due respect to the secretary, i disagreed with her on that answer. >> shannon: what about the issue of funding? because there was a lot of discussion about that in both the senate and house hearings about whether the state
10:15 am
department had the money it needed, the funding it needed to adequately protect folks who are serving as our diplomats around the world. >> that discussion really ignored the fact that since 2004 that security funding has doubled. has more than doubled. it was over $600 million in 2004. now, it is at about $1.35 billion. obviously they have got to aloe he kate the resources where they believe -- allocate the resources where they believe it is needed the most. but more importantly if, indeed, they don't have the resources for a given location, such as benghazi if they felt they didn't have is enough what you have to do a close the mission and above all protect the americans that are working there. these state department people are hard working people. they represent our interests well, around the world. they deserve our security. they deserve us giving them the protection they need to do their job. >> shannon: i want to ask you
10:16 am
about a domestic issue the state department has been involved with as well. the keystone pipeline this week. you signed on to a letter calling for the administration to move forward. how you hopeful are you that is going to happen in a timely fashion. >> you are always hopeful that that is going to happen. i don't know about a timely fashion. i guess i don't understand it. i come from a different position than the administration does. i want to see energy resources developed in this country. to me this is an absolute no brainer. i know the environmental community wants to stop this because they he want to stop using oil and petrochemicals. the fact is not doing this pipeline is not going to affect that at all. this material, this oil is going to go to china if we don't put it into a pipeline and bring it in to america and tuesday to create jobs here in america and lower the cost of energy here in the united states. >> shannon: and the president walking a bit of a tight rope calls from environmentalists
10:17 am
but calls from union members who want to see the pipeline approved. how do you think he will find that delicate balance and make a decision? >> it is hard to say except if you look at what he did last time he had to make the call sided not with the unions but with the environmentalists and i think he is wrong on that. the unions are absolutely right. this is job creation, pure unanswered questions adulterated job creation that will really help america's use of its natural resources and create jobs. so i think the president has been wrong on this. i would hope that he takes another look at it and reaches the right decision. i will applaud it if he does. >> shannon: senator risch we thank you for your time today, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: a law could show up in an unexpected place. your local supermarket. and if folks there don't comply your grocer could end up behind bars.
10:18 am
we will explain the new federal regulation, coming up.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
>> shannon: another blow he to the art of letter writing. stamp prices are going up again today and in case you don't remember how much a stamp costs to mail post cards and letters these days here it is. a first-class letter stamp now costs 46 cents, up a penny and post card stamps cost 33 cents.
10:22 am
the post office is unveiling a new first-class global forever stamp that will allow you to mail letters anywhere in the world for $1.10. the postal service lost almost $16 billion last fiscal year. in the last 90 days the federal government has posted five thousand 557 proposed new regulations on its website one could mean higher prices for you at the grocery store or that some of your favorite foods could disappear from the stores all together. here to tell us what this is all about, arick lieberman. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: this is a federal regulation in propose the stage that stems from the healthcare law and basically says that supermarkets have tollable all kinds of foods. they are get in big trouble if they don't. basically something that is
10:23 am
unpackaged. from a bakery or the favorite cupcakes. the salad and food bars and hot bars out there. basically you have to label everything or what happens. >> if you don't label it supermarkets face thousands of dollars worth of fines and executives at supermarkets could be put in federal jails. >> shannon: you can go to jail if you don't label the foods correctly under the federal regulation? >> that is absolutely right. a sweeping regulation that affects thousands items in the supermarket. because of this we could see a number of items going away. i can guarantee that you that shoppers will see higher prices at the register. >> shannon: how does this work essentially? stems from the healthcare law but my understanding is this comes from the food and drug administration which has admitted that this didn't necessarily extend to supermarkets and grocery stores but they decided they are going to. >> that is absolutely right. the agency acknowledged that congress did not direct them to regulate supermarkets but they decided to go ahead and
10:24 am
regulate our o industry anyway and said we understand this law you does not direct us to regulate supermarkets. we are going to go ahead and impose a billion dollars burden on the industry anyway and haven't justified any reason for doing it. they haven't justified a single penny's worth of benefit arising from the regulation. >> shannon: i was under the impression with some federal regulation you have to do a cost benefit analysis to explain how the benefit will offset what you are asking the company to do. >> agencies are required to do this and the white house is supposed to make sure that all regulations have benefits that are maximized and burdens that are minimized. this this instance the food and drug administration didn't bother to quantify a single benefit from the rule and we believe that is because they can't. there is not a sing isle study out there that shows that regulations -- there is not a single study out there which shows that labeling reduces obesity rates. >> shannon: so what would this cost? do you have an estimate on what
10:25 am
this may cost the industry to make sure that you are in compliance? >> we estimated it would be a billion dollars wort of burden in it the first year alone. >> shannon: and then from there on out. something that you have to -- my understanding is -- how do cow calculate this? have to send every food out to get a chemical analysis? can you do, you know, the math there on site at the store. do you have to hire more people to do it? >> well, this is a huge burden. before we sell an item like this apple pie we have to send it to a laboratory he for analysis and compile 8 different records on the item and put the sign up there which says 3,000 calories or 3300 calories. i don't think that is useful information to consumers. but we have to invest a lot of money to do this and this is money that we are not investing in creating jobs or developing the stores and it is savings that we can't pass on to consumers. >> shannon: and if you don't get it right one is going to jail. thank you very much.
10:26 am
high opening. we will keep track of this. let us know what becomes of this regulation and how it plays out. >> we appreciate it, thank you. >> shannon: i don't know if the pie is going to make it here out of the studio. if you don't get the job done you don't get paid. that s how works for most of us. this week the senate is expected to pass a no budget no pay proposal. if congress doesn't pass a budget on time it will not get paid until it does. the proposal attached to a must pass measure increasing the debt limit. critics call it unfair and possibly unconstitutional. it garnered bipartisan in the house and heads now to the senate. a journey has come to an end for a black lab named easton. easton. >> the 10-year-old dog wandered away from her home in washington state last february. woman who works in the humane society in el paso, texas,
10:27 am
found her reaming the streets there. more than 2 h hundred people dead after a tragic fire in brazil. what witnesses say started the most deadly nightclub blaze in more than a decade. rks ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] something powerful is coming. ♪ see it on february 3rd. ♪ and save hundreds with our best offer yet, now extended due to popular demand. get an adt security system starting at just $49 installed, but only for a limited time. that's an instant savings of $250. don't leave
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>> shannon: more than 200 dead following a nightclub fire in brazil. witnesses report a quick moving blaze and a panicky stampede and just one emergency exit. there is speculation the fire may have started because of the pyrotechnics used by a band playing in the club. the u.s. military successfully launched a missile intercepter rocket from the california coast. there was no target involved but results from the saturday launch will be used to strengthen the nation's ballistic missile defense system. >> super bowl xlvii a week away and new orleans ready to rock. prepping for two years spending more than $700 million on
10:32 am
renovations. a winter storm is dumping freezing rain, sleet and snow on parts of the country. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at the fox weather center with more on that and severe weather in store for later this week. hi, rick? >> lots going on. the good part is temps warm for a lot of people who have been so cold. unfortunately, a big storm to get through and the severe weather as you were saying. the biggest concern for icing across parts of eastern iowa and southern parts of minnesota. talking potentially up to maybe a quarter or half inch of ice accumulating on every surface. the surface is frozen and rain falls and freezes right away and causes all kinds of problems. tomorrow towards the east. parts of the pennsylvania across the central appalachians dealing with possibly freezing rain and more snow. this is all the storm. it was in the southwest. now, it is in towards the central plains. and it is anywhere you see the pink that is real danger. you see the 31 degrees in chicago. any precipitation that falls there is going to be falling as freezing rain, not snow
10:33 am
unfortunately. move forward to tuesday. take a look at the temperatures. a lot of people will like to see the temperatures so much better than what we experienced the last new mexico of days but it will come at a cost, significant severe weather. possibly a severe weather outbreak. january so a couple of days ahead of time. give people a heads up on this. this area from to the south of chicago down towards about austin texas looking at the threat for tornadoes. certainly damaging winds and then by wednesday transitions off towards the east from around philadelphia area to north of mobile alabama looking for severe weather on wednesday. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much for keeping us update. >> you bet. >> shannon: do you the commissioners step down. >> what about the hundreds of rulings they have issued since being appointed. joining us a man who once served as the chairman of the nlrb. thanks for joining us today.
10:34 am
>> happy to be here. thanks for are having me. >> shannon: imagine a big thumbs up from you on the court decision. your reaction? >> the court decision is very well written and very scholarly. the conclusion is in escapable and really invited by president obama who did something which no president in american his tore arery has done and that is to purport to name recess appointments during a short break in a continuous senate session. the president doesn't have unilateral appointment authority. it is shared with the senate. the president nominates, the senate confirms. and the reason for that is our founders were concerned that unfit characters would otherwise receive high government positions. >> shannon: i thought that this opinion was a very interesting read. and like you said, it is very bold and very wide sweeping and making this distinction between in trust session appointment and intercession appointments. critics will point out as the white house has that other
10:35 am
presidents republicans and democrats alike have made the intrasession appointments, the ones that the court says we don't care if other presidents have done it, it is no good we are looking at the constitution and its text. how do you answer them when they say hey, republicans have done it, too? >> jay carney said that the republican and democratic presidents have been doing this for 150 years. that is not, correct. for the first 80 years, no president had named what is called an intrasectio intrasesd maybe we out to define what we are talking about. the sessions of congress. the first session and the second session. the recess is between the two sessions. and the court said it is during that period of time when recess appointments can be made. prior to 1947, only three intrasession, that is recess appointments during a session of congress were ever made. modern presidents beginning in the 1950s with some exceptions, president kennedy and president johnson and president ford i don't believe
10:36 am
named any intrasession recess appointments but many modern presidents or some modern presidents did. ronald reagan did. the two president bushes did and president clinton did. >> shannon: what happens now. in do you think the commissioners should step down or their decisions invalidated? what is the logical next step or wait for the supreme court to sort it all out? >> ultimately you have to wait for the supreme court. i believe the board itself should is stop issuing decisions for two reasons. any person against whom the board has issued an order can appeal to the d.c. circuit and the d.c. circuit will not enforce board's order. also from a pure early legal if you will ethical perspective the two purported members took an oath to support and defend the constitution. a very respected unanimous decision from a circuit court that is very respected saying
10:37 am
that they were not constitutionally appointed. from both a practical perspective and legal perspective i think the board would do itself a favor by not issuing any further decisions. >> shannon: we will stand by. former nlrb chairman, thank you, is, sir. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: pregnant women coming from china paying big bucks to get here to the states and have their babies born in the u.s. now, u.s. officials are cracking down on what they are calling chinese birthing houses. dominic is here with birthing tourism. >> paying up to $50,000 for a chance to one day let their kid return and live in america. the 14th amendment allows them to do just that. but the discovery of the series of illegal birth hotels here in california has exposed a growing problem. >> when the child turns 18 he
10:38 am
can petition to bring in his spouse, any children he may have. when turns 21 he can petition to bring in family members and any siblings he has. so really what we are talking about is one instance of fraud creating massive amounts of chain migration. >> well, shannon, the issue you erupted when residents of a gated community in chino hills protested against an unauthorized maternity hotel being run in the neighborhood. the operators refused to talk to us and even involve shoved the producer as she was trying to interview them. those people are now no where to be seen. >> people in the mid who will make the money off you that, that is the people that go out there with everything we can in the tool box to go out after them and shut them down. >> the central immigration study says as many as 40,000 mothers travel to the u.s. annually from china, taiwan, turkey and other countries as
10:39 am
well. the other major concern in all of this is we don't know how many of the operations are running illegally or the conditions that the mothers are giving birth in. at one hotel last year a baby was dropped and died. shannon? >> shannon: interesting story. thank you so much. in life, he loved going to burger king so in death his family decided to give him a whopper of a funeral with one last drivethrough. one of our most clicked stories, next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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>> shannon: congress pushed the deadline for the major defense cut known as sequestration during the fiscal cliff deal but the new deadline is fast approaching and officials are already talking about the indiscriminate cuts that are going to happen if congress doesn't come up with a plan. will they get a deal done in
10:44 am
time? joining us is congress woman ileana ros-lehtinen. >> what is your sense among colleagues about how close you are or aren't going to be to avoiding sequestration? >> i let's see if we've gotten happening. sequestration it means draconian cuts even though the military is not a big chunk of the budget they will take an indiscriminately large cut. for the military here we are fighting in afghanistan and spread out all over the world. for us to have what essentially will be the smallest military before world war ii to that level even though the threats against us are even greater. a devastating cut to the military. we exempted 150 programs. thank goodness, social security, medicare and medicaid but not to the providers of those services. would we will be hearing from the hospitals et cetera soon.
10:45 am
i don't see any movement, shannon, in congress to undo this. i don't see it. march 1 is right upon us. >> shannon: it is very, very close. the president during one of the presidential debates, though, kind of i don't want to say dismissed the idea but said sequestration is not going to happen. congress will intervene and this isn't going to play out. you are saying based on you know and hear that is a reality. >> we are famous for kicking the can down the road and march 1 is just around the corner. we house republicans are committed to making sure that sequestration does not happen but we need a partner in this. just like the israelis need the palestinians. not that i equate those two. you need a partner. two to tango as we say in south, florida. we need somebody could deal with and compromise with and talk with. i don't think that the democrats are doing very much to stop the cuts from happening. the president famously said during one of the debates during the campaign
10:46 am
sequestration will not happen. yet he was the one who developed the whole idea. i hope it doesn't happen. we will work so it doesn't happen but we need democrats and especially the senate to help us out to forge this -- these cuts to not take place. we need the fighting military to be ever ready. >> shannon: the white house has said they didn't come up with this idea that it was congress' idea. there has been debate over that. bob woodward's book says it was administration officials who came up with it. while we are debating that, it is now upon us. how do we answer those who say the defense budget, the pentagon is bloated. is there a way to satisfy both sides and acknowledge maybe there is some fat that needs to go but maybe not in this way? >> of course. every budget can be trimmed down. but when you look at the threats that the united states is facing in the middle east, look at now north africa blowing up, the al-qaeda,
10:47 am
taliban, everyone is right there trying to get us. the military is only less than 20% of the budget yet they going to take 50% of the cuts. it is just too hard on our military. we have got to fight these cuts. >> shannon: do you think there is less motivation for some on the other side of the aisle because key domestic programs that everybody agrees you wouldn't want to see cut. key benefits to social security. because some of that isn't on the table do you think it takes away the motivation to make some of these things happen. >> i'm glad 149 of the programs are exempt but it does take out some of the pressure because folks know we are not going to hurt the senior sit again zens but we are going to hurt the providers of the services to the senior citizens. if the providers are not reimbursed and heaven knows hospitals are already cut and doctors are to the bone, no pun intended then it going to be really hard for them to treat the elderly patients. so we need to compromise. it is not a four letter word.
10:48 am
let's work together and save all of these programs. knowing that we have got a $16.4 trillion debt that has got to be under control. the spending problem is we are addicts to spending and the first step for overcoming addiction is to understand that you you have a problem. washington has a spending problem. >> shannon: we wish you and your colleagues on the other side of the aisle all the best in finding solutions. thank you. >> shannon: her murder trial captured headlines for months. now, former murder suspect casey anthony's money problems are making headlines. why some small business owners say the affordable care act is stopping them from hanging out the help wanted sign. that's next. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel.
10:49 am
enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, haveuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists.
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>> shannon: immigration reform will be front and center this week. senator john mccain is part of a group of senators poised to announce their plans for the controversial issue this week. one of our most clicked stories on fox news .com. peter doocy is standing by with more. >> senator mccain told america's news headquarters the announcement is expect #-d early this week though he didn't give any spiv. he hopes the new principles will find support outside the
10:53 am
senate as well. >> it is very important that we act in coordination with the white house rather than opposition and with our house colleagues. but i believe we need to enact comprehensive immigration reform and i'm pleased to be part of that effort and i know that it is not without controversy. >> another popular story online, former murder suspect casey anthony has filed for bankruptcy in it a tampa court. anthony who was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee says she has more than $800,000 in debt and is unemployed. a whopper of a sendoff for the fast food lover. a pennsylvania man was laid to rest this week but not before the funeral procession made a quick stop at a drive-thru, burger king obliged, making more than 40 sandwiches for the mourners. a burger was placed atop his casket. for more on the stories, logging on to fox news .com. shannon? >> shannon: what do you want us to do for you, peter? >> i wouldn't mind dairy queen.
10:54 am
maybe a dip cone. hopefully that is several decades away. >> shannon: thank you, peter. >> yep. >> shannon: the aim of the affordable care act is to give more americans access to healthcare and health insurance. will it come at the expense of also giving them a job? sol small business other thans say worries about obama care means they are not hiring. brenda buttner has that story. >> healthcare costs could be a prescription for fewer jobs. that is what a quarterly poll of small business owners suggest. the wells fargo gallup small business survey shows that the group most responsible for creating new jobs is worried about the impact of the new healthcare law on their businesses. more than half say healthcare costs are hurting their operating environment. "a lot." as for the positive impact of the law, none. nada. not one of the owners surveyed said healthcare costs were helping business a lot. concerns. look at the other top as you see, top of the list, those health issues.
10:55 am
next taxes on small businesses. again, a majority indicate they are hurting business a great deal. rounding out the top five worries the price of energy, government regulations and the federal debt ceiling. in a separate questionnaire, owners flagged concerns for not hiring. 6 out of 10 said again wore areries about the potential cost of healthcare but three other reasons for not adding workers topped that. the reasons they gave, 81% said they do not need additional help. three quarters blamed revenues and sales. and two thirds point to worries about the overall u.s. economy. that said, there are some bright spots in the survey. overall, u.s. small biz owners optimistic with their environment this month. the small business index jumped to a positive number plus nine after plummeting to negative 11 in the last quarter. that was taken right after the presidential election. still, owner optimism is far below the recent high in april of last year. the bottom line, the bottom line of our nation's biggest
10:56 am
hirers is making them worry about adding new workers and it is healthcare costs that are keeping them from putting out the help wanted sign. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: brenda, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: time to place your bets on this year's super bowl champs and if you can't decide who to root for maybe this monkey can help you. we will tell you who he picked -- she picked next. you answered. your twitter responses, coming up. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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